Shipping Policies

Product Classifications
New Product
All products sold through our catalog are brand new, unless otherwise indicated, and are fully covered by the Handy Enterprises LLC warranty. Any open box or refurbished products are clearly marked so you know exactly the condition of the product you are purchasing.
Open Box
A product classified as "open box" is usually a demo unit or returned unit that has seen little or no use and is in perfect working order. We cannot sell them as brand new therefore; these products are offered at a discount.
A refurbished product or "B-Stock" is one that has been used for a short period of time and was repaired, cleaned, adjusted to factory specifications, and certified to be in good working condition. Purchasing a refurbished product is a good way to save money on products that are practically brand new. Warranties for refurbished products are different than for new products. Please refer to the Handy Enterprises, LLC Product Warranty for more detailed information.

Shipping Methods
We ship products via common ground carriers, trucking firms, Federal Express or UPS.

Shipping Destinations
We ship products within the continental US as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Orders placed intended for shipping to any other country will be cancelled.
For your protection we will ship your order to the same address as your billing address.
If you desire to ship the order to an alternate destination please contact your Credit Card Company customer service representative and ask them to amend your account and have this new destination listed as an authorized “Alternative Shipping Address.” The Credit Card Customer Service phone number is located on the back of your credit card.
Upon verification that your alternative shipping address has been authorized we will ship your order. If your shipping address is not authorized your order will not be processed for shipment.

Free Shipping
From time to time we may offer free shipping. Simply look for the logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items throughout the store.