UVC Hand Sanitizers

"the best that clean can get"

Handy Enterprises, LLC manufactures, markets, and sells HANDY Brand UVC Sanitizers, products that effectively eliminate highly contagious, illness-causing germs and bacteria. HANDY Hand Sanitizers are the first to use germicidal UVC, a technology currently used in hospitals and in other healthcare settings to help efficiently sanitize operating rooms and other high-risk locations.

HANDY is not a medical device, however it can be used to help fight the spread of infection in many settings: Home, Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Malls, etc. And, unlike other hand-sanitizing options, HANDY does not leave any residue, does not dry out skin and does not require refills or batteries (just an electrical outlet).

Our goal is to provide effective and innovative products that address unmet needs in germ and bacteria sanitization, while adhering to the following business principles to ensure that every product produced by Handy Enterprises meets users’ expectations.

Handy Enterprises, LLC Business Principles:

Reliability: Every HANDY product is designed with reliability in mind. By implementing extensive quality control elements in the design and manufacture of our sanitizers, Handy Enterprises is aspiring to the ultimate in customer satisfaction. HANDY Sanitizers are designed to give the consumer continuous, trouble-free, operation for years to come.

Service: On the rare occasion that a HANDY will require servicing, Handy Enterprises is determined to provide the quickest, no-hassle, customer support on all our products. If it breaks, we will fix it or replace it.

Performance: Our dedication to on-going research ensures that HANDY products will be offered with the latest technology. This dedication allows us to continuously provide creative and innovative products with great quality and industry-leading features.

Environment: Our commitment to environment protection is a top priority. We will continue our efforts for environmentally friendly products, low/no pollution manufacturing and the utilization of recyclable material in product development, manufacturing, and after-service processes.

Value: Our business model allows us to operate with high efficiency and, enables us to maintain a low operational cost. The net result is providing custom products that are creatively innovative, functionally efficient and at a great value.

If you would like to learn more about Handy Enterprises or HANDY Sanitizers, please contact us at info@handyuv.com or call us at (630) 345-3954.