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Independent testing by multiple laboratories has validated
the efficacy of HANDY and its patent-pending design

HANDY is uniquely engineered to virtually eliminate pathogens—including the coronavirus

that causes COVID-19—on hands and hand-held objects (such as phones, keys, and eyeglasses)
in as little as 3-5 seconds. HANDY targets the germs most nagging and prevalent across
various environments, such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, sports, entertainment,
businesses, and retail – essentially wherever people gather.

Effectiveness of HANDY Hand Sanitizing Solutions against various pathogens
and viruses, as confirmed by various independent testing laboratories:

HANDY effectively eliminates nearly 100%
of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.1

Independent research is a vital component to help solidify
the efficacy of our HANDY UV-C Hand Sanitizer solutions.
We commissioned laboratories to independently test whether
HANDY’s uniquely designed, focused germicidal UV-C light
is effective in killing a variety of bacteria and viruses.

The findings? Independent laboratories proved that HANDY
UV-C Hand Sanitizers indeed were highly effective at killing a
multitude of illness-causing germs

That’s not all! The most recent testing confirmed that HANDY
is 99.99% effective in killing the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus that
is directly responsible for COVID-19. Not only does HANDY
mitigate this virus, it also destroys a portion of its DNA, thus
making it impossible for the virus to replicate or mutate.

As a result, HANDY is extremely effective in killing the
coronavirus that causes COVID-19. HANDY’s high-killing
capability of the coronavirus may contribute greatly to reducing
the spread of the coronavirus as well as reducing the
possibility of mutation.

We believe that widespread use HANDY UV-C Hand Sanitizer
solutions can play an important part in controlling, reducing and
eventually mitigating the spread of the coronavirus as well as
many other harmful pathogens.

In a world in which people fail to correctly wash their hands nearly 97% of
the time (according to the USDA), HANDY can be an important part
of a healthy ecosystem that reduces the spread of dangerous pathogens.

Benefits of HANDY are within your reach!

•Extremely effective against
numerous pathogens.
•Microorganisms cannot develop
immunity, replicate, or mutate.
•Clean and touchless.
•No drying or cracking of skin.
•No sticky or wet hands.
•No waiting for hands to dry.
•No messy refills.
•No batteries to change.
•Up to 10 years of unattended operation.
•Tremendous long-term savings in operational costs.
•Sanitizes small objects such as phones, keys, glasses
and more --- not just hands!

1 SARS-COV-2 surrogate used in testing