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Independent Testing Shows Germ-Killing Efficacy of

Innovative HANDY UV-C Hand Sanitizers

AURORA, IL, February 4, 2021—Independent laboratory tests have affirmed/ the effectiveness of HANDY UV-C Hand Sanitizing Solutions in virtually eliminating contagious, illness-causing germs and bacteria, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

HANDY, believed to be the first hand sanitizer to use germicidal Ultraviolet-C lighting, is currently helping ensure good health at scores of businesses and healthcare facilities across the US, including nursing homes, oil platforms, dental offices, corporate lobbies, pharmaceutical labs and more. HANDY helps improve hand sanitization best practices to reduce the spread of germs and viruses wherever people gather.

“Clean and sanitized hands—plus small devices such as phones and keys—have never been more vital to our health and well-being,” said Dan Zubic, founder, HANDY Enterprises. “In a world where people correctly wash their hands only three percent of the time, HANDY can be an important part of a healthy ecosystem that reduces the spread of dangerous pathogens.

“As testing results show, HANDY works in as little as three seconds to mitigate pathogens that cause infections and foodborne illnesses—plus, it is considered more effective than alcohol gels. Slowing the spread of deadly germs is within our reach with HANDY.”

The patent-pending HANDY Hand Sanitizers use germicidal UV-C lighting, a proven and safe technology currently used to efficiently sanitize within hospitals and other healthcare settings. HANDY is engineered to balance safety and effectiveness. HANDY uses UV-C light too weak to penetrate human skin, but powerful enough to sanitize the skin’s surface.

Independent testing of HANDY products was conducted at three laboratories, each confirming the efficacy of HANDY in mitigating various pathogens. Recent results show HANDY to effectively eliminate 99.99% of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 at five seconds (SARS-CoV-2 surrogate used in lab testing).

“As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, HANDY represents a safe and effective solution as part of our society’s efforts to return to normalcy,” Zubic said. “Although HANDY was introduced in a pre-pandemic world, it is reassuring to know that it also can be an effective tool in the fight against coronavirus, in addition to its efficacy against other known pathogens, germs and bacteria that commonly reside on people’s hands and devices.”

Numerous other research efforts have confirmed the positive impacts of UV-C technology to significantly reduce pathogens on surfaces in human environments across multiple applications.

HANDY Hand Sanitizing Solutions feature a variety of UV-C based offerings:

· HandyBOX—desktop or wall-mounted application.

· HandyTAB—the touchscreen version of HandyBOX, with a Wi-Fi connected tablet for delivering customized messaging, advertising, and information.

· HandySTAND and HandyTABSTAND—free-standing versions of HandyBOX and HandyTAB.

· HandyCTH—a walk-through temperature-checking and hand-sanitizing checkpoint.

About HANDY:

Handy Enterprises, LLC manufactures, markets, and sells HANDY Hand Sanitizing Solutions, a line of products that use Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) lighting to virtually eliminate highly contagious, illness-causing germs and bacteria, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. HANDY Hand Sanitizers are the first to use germicidal UV-C, a proven and safe technology currently used within hospitals and other healthcare settings to help efficiently sanitize operating rooms, patient rooms and other high-risk locations.

HANDY helps fight the spread of bacteria and viruses wherever people may gather, such as schools, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, office buildings, casinos, airports, cruise ships and retail shops. And, unlike other hand-sanitizing options such as gels, HANDY does not leave any residue, does not dry out skin and does not require refills or batteries.

Clean, sanitized hands (and small devices such as glasses and phones) have never been more vital to our health and well-being. As such, HANDY is committed to best-practice hand-hygiene and contributing to a healthy ecosystem for minimizing the spread of dangerous pathogens. Visit us at

Note: HANDY products are not medical devices and no medical and/or therapeutic claims are made.


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Source: Handy Enterprises LLC